Committed to catering to commercial kitchen equipment segment and food processing machinery, CKI wishes to provide 100% attention to its customers looking for commercial kitchen appliances every time we come in contact with them — whether at our premises or theirs, or they contact us by phone, email, fax or face-to-face.
When our customers call in for the first time, we want them to feel that we have taken on board their viewpoints, their thoughts, and every aspect that they are looking for from Customized Kitchen India Pvt. Ltd. We make sure that they get the exact service (and beyond) that they had hoped for or want from us.
We, as one of the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, are always passionate about the products that we sell and the services we provide. It is evidently clear that we are striving to provide the right solutions based on our food processing industry experience and the thorough knowledge of the brands in food processing machinery we supply.
CKI as Kitchen equipment manufacturer for commercial kitchen appliances always maintain integrity toward its customers. When we say we will call them to keep them informed of the progress, we ensure to do so in spirit as well. Furthermore, we also set realistic goals for closing service calls or dealing with challenges in addressing the needs of a commercial kitchen to minimize stress for our customers and suppliers.
On the whole,