TARUN RAJ: As an open-minded personality with a perfect mix of objective and aspiration, Tarun is a visionary in true sense. He doesn’t restrict himself into the textbook style approach when it comes to planning for a project and delivering on it. With a zeal and enthusiasm to score the best, the entrepreneur constantly raises the bar of CKI standard. As the CEO and Founder of the company, he translates his energy into CKI that benefit its customers.

CHEF JUBIN KATAR: A chef is usually known for his creativity, but Jubin also brings clarity and energy that combine to form a formidable force for the company. Having accomplished MBA degree in hospitality management, this globetrotter has gained over 16 years of experience in the industry. As the ‘Consultant Chef’ of the CKI panel, he brings his expertise to help us achieve the best results.

RAVISH BHATIA: An MBA in marketing, Ravish is one of the brightest minds in the field of marketing. He is the ‘Marketing Director’ of CKI and has contributed significantly for creating a buzz about CKI and its good work. Within a short span of time, he has ensured that the hospitality industry respects CKI as a brand with promise and quality products & services.

RITESH NARULA: He is a pro when it comes to designing and drafting. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering (mechanical), Ritesh is the CKI torchbearer as the ‘Lead Design Engineer’. As an extremely talented individual, he knows to create magic with the best possible arrangements of 2D and 3D views in AutoCAD and CATIA for industrial kitchens. With immense experience in the industry, he ensures that our clients’ kitchens are flawless, limiting the need to further improve a kitchen with changing business dynamics.

SWATI BAJAJ: Swati is the critical link between CKI and our clients. She is the one who ensures that there is no discrepancy whatsoever in communication be it related to quotations, trail mails, accounts, issue addressee, etc., leaving no room for any last-moment operational hiccups. As the ‘Key-projects’ personnel, she is the true face of our company.