Industrial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

CKI Brand Centre is one of the best Industrial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers and Dealers in Delhi India. Like: Hotels Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, Restaurants Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers. In today’s time, food and beverages (F&B) is a big segment of hospitality industry. Food and beverages now go hand-in-hand in dining services. In fact, alcoholic drinks have come a long way to become a part of our lifestyle. Therefore, there has been a spurt of bar (along with food outlets) in not only metropolitan cities, but also in smaller towns.
Kitchen and bar layout planning has thus become an important facet of hospitality industry, especially from a commercial kitchen equipment point of view. And Customized Kitchen India (CKI) has been able to create its own niche in this segment too.

Effective planning

At a time when real estate rentals are high, outlets need to keep an eye on the area they invest in a kitchen and kitchen equipment in comparison to public area. Every square inch of space has become a proposition that can make or break a company’s bottom lines. Hence, effective planning is desired at all times, and CKI has been up to it always.
We have a team of well-learned and experienced draftsmen who are capable to address biggest of challenges in a commercial kitchen and bar layout planning. Their approach is completely based on practical movement of staff in a kitchen that leads to a logical solution for a smooth workflow.
Space management has always been a key concern for CKI that is looked into with detailed discussion with the owners and staff. Therefore, we have always innovated and carried out R&D to identify best kitchen equipment or food processing machinery for smooth workflow (keeping in mind the empty spaces) in industrial kitchens for maximum efficiency in food-related establishments.
While crafting AutoCAD design for a commercial kitchen or bar layout planning, our designers bring innovation to the table that gives a different identity to every project we work on. Commercial Kitchen Manufacturer

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