Educational institutions are no longer just a place where students only study. They have become a place where students brainstorm and hangout too—along with food. And where there’s food service, there’s Customized Kitchen India (CKI) as well.

Need for big kitchens

As the culture of hostel and staying in mess have become common in educational institutions, the need for safe and effective commercial kitchen equipment in canteens have also become a priority for these establishments.
It is even more important in the case of educational institutions which are based on cooking, like food craft institutes, hotel management institutes, flight catering institutes, other institutes offering post graduate management courses etc.

Addressing industrial kitchen demands

In such a scenario, a good kitchen layout with minimal set-up demands kitchen equipment that can fulfill the needs of institutions daily routine. A thorough planning is desired from equipment suppliers for such a kitchen to offer quality industrial kitchen equipment and kitchen appliances.
Further, a player like CKI has to ensure that there is proper installation of LPG gas pipeline, sound working of exhaust system for longevity of its equipment used therein. Also, these institutions seek kitchen department with latest dish washing machines, commercial cooking range, commercial gas stove, bakery equipment, food processing machinery etc.

Following strict SOP guidelines

CKI also ensures that the standard of kitchen and structure are identical for a chain of institutions. We strictly follow SOPs so that there are no aberration in terms of output for a particular cooking approach at two different kitchens. This helps, particularly, a lot the hotel management institutes while they train the new breed of hospitality chefs.
Over the last three years, CKI has emerged as a prominent brand for educational institutes by supplying high-quality catering equipment. We have been consistent in delivering best equipment designs, standard appliances as per the requirement and more importantly, customizing the desired needs of an institution. Noida International University is one of our many clients that have used our kitchen equipment and have been reason for CKI’s pride.