Best hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

CKI Brand Centre is one of the

best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers

, hotel kitchen equipment suppliers and exporters in Delhi India.
With the growing economy, various sectors are flourishing like never before in India. And, hospitality has been one of the primary beneficiaries, as it started to grow with an increase in the number of tourists in the country.

Modern Hotel kitchen equipment

As the hotel business revolves around two primary things—rooms and food, commercial kitchen equipment become a vital aspect of its existence. Thankfully, hotel kitchens are increasingly becoming modern and sophisticated keeping up with time.

Customized Kitchen India (CKI) has identified the needs of commercial kitchens in not only hospitality industry, but also in the food processing industry. It has diligently worked to keep the productivity element at a high by providing quality kitchen appliances.

Best Hotel Kitchen Equipment Suppliers in Delhi

Hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers

- In the last three years, CKI has addressed the needs of hotel kitchens, which are not only efficient, but are designed in a fashion that are logical for all establishments that have a 24x7 environment. Since this kind of an environment is quite challenging, we listen to clients’ expectations and then recommend them apt solutions.
In hotels, ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot work. A commercial kitchen desires a customized solution that is sound enough to address human movement that, simultaneously, reduces efforts to a minimum.

Kitchen layout and styles

A proper layout and types of commercial kitchen equipment give an identity to a kitchen. Be it freestanding ranges, custom fabricated island kitchen equipment,[no need of comma here] etc., all should address the styles of different chefs and the need of the concerned commercial kitchen.

Hence, we design the kitchens in such a manner that chefs’ approach and organizations’ demand in terms of costs, quality and services are not only met, but also give them optimum service satisfaction.

Quality products for hotel clients

Our products and their output along with our steadfast approach in addressing the expectations of the hotel industry has created a name for CKI in the hotel kitchen equipment segment.
No wonder that our work ethics have earned us the opportunity to not only serve many clients, but also value the relationship that we share with them. A few of our prestigious hotel clients are Sarovar Portico, Hotel Arif Castles and Club Mahindra.


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