Hospital Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer

Hospital Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer

Food goes hand-in-hand with health and wellness. So, no wonder when we talk about commercial kitchen equipment in hospitals, we are adding the element of health and wellness to equipment as well.

Need for catering equipment

There are different types of patients who come to hospitals and require optimum care to feel good and respond to treatments by doctors who administer them. In this, food plays an important role. The quality and presentation along with indispensable nutritive value of food play the prime role in regaining health.
For Customized Kitchen India (CKI), industrial kitchen equipment have significantly worked in the healthcare segment. We believe that the process of rejuvenation is not possible only through medication—it also require good, hygienic food for patients that is directly dependent on quality food service equipment. Hence, the solutions that CKI offers as a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers to its esteemed clients in this area are not only suited best to their needs, but also give them a much-needed support.

Range of equipment

CKI offers a full range of hospital-centric commercial kitchen equipment be it freestanding ranges, food service trolleys, complete gas range and electrical operated equipment, including equipment that are used in the preparation area, cooking area, dish wash area, refrigeration area, storage area and dining area.
CKI has served hospitality kitchen equipment to many well-known brands be it multi-specialty hospitals, healthcare centers or individual nursing homes in different locations of India. As a hospital kitchen equipment manufacturer with its consistent and unparalleled quality and design.
CKI has become a brand beyond competition. We owe our current position in the industry to our untiring effort in researching and innovation to bring quality kitchen equipment to the fore. Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers