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The emergence organizations having shifts 24x7 has created the need of bulk cooking in real time. Customized Kitchen India (CKI) understands their expectations, no matter how sophisticated the commercial kitchen equipment needs are for them. These kitchens require to work a lot, if not round-the-clock like a hotel kitchen.
Yet, the sheer quantity of food being cooked (bulk cooking) make them big in stature. They tend to serve food to different and large workforce within a stipulated time for food service. This also leaves no room for errors, where delay has no place in such an environment. CKI Brand Centre is one of the best Canteen kitchen equipment manufacturers, canteen kitchen equipments supplier, Catering Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi India.

Kitchens and bulk cooking

CKI, along with it dependable and heavy-duty industrial kitchen equipment and kitchen appliances, has given industrial kitchens effective ways to deal with the challenges. These huge canteens need commercial kitchen set-ups that are not only mess-free, but also free from any sort of complexity.

Work flow is one of the primary objectives in kitchens and CKI has always given valuable inputs as a consultant to industrial canteens kitchens to set up their equipment wisely.

Wide range of equipment

We provide a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment that address day-to-day needs of such kitchens. It could be free standing ranges, food service trolleys, dining tables or gas and electrically operated equipment in the preparation area, cooking area, dish washing areas, refrigeration area storage area, dining area, among others.

Canteen Kitchen Equipments Supplier in Delhi

CKI’s expertise in manufacturing and installing, along with customer-friendly services, has made it a common name in many small and mainline multinational companies across the country. No wonder brands like Ernst & Young and S&R Exports have trusted CKI as being the reliable kitchen equipment manufacturer. The long list of projects and their integration has not only created a brand for CKI, but also inspires to look for new benchmarks and trails. Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers | Commercial Kitchen Equipments Supplier

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