Commercial Kitchen Planners

Commercial Kitchen Planners, Kitchen Layout Design

What you need to know to choose the most efficient hotel or restaurant kitchen design in accordance to your kitchen needs?

You are opening a restaurant or hotel and need to design your kitchen or want to renovate an existing one?
What you need to know before you go into a planning of commercial kitchen is what your restaurant or hotel offers on its menu. Accordingly, your chef will know everything about the process of preparation and what kind of restaurant kitchen equipment is necessary. He or she will also best to know where and how to deploy people from his/her team for maximum efficiency, and the designer will take advantage to design the kitchen to be the most functional.

Restaurant or Hotel Kitchen Equipment:

Each restaurant or hotel kitchen is an individual and will need equipment that meets some specific requirements. Always choose the equipment that is made for the professional kitchen. Whether it is a used or new equipment, generally commercial kitchen equipment can be grouped into:

  • Tables for food preparation
  • Electrical equipment for cooking, baking, frying
  • Refrigerators, freezers, ice machines
  • Equipment for dish washing
  • Cabinets, drawers and shelves to store dishes

Few Useful Tips For Commercial Kitchen Design:

Arrange an appointment with your local or state commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers to review your preliminary plans for kitchen design. Terms of safety and health must be met. In this way, you will get timely information about the potential demands for changes in the kitchen design so that all requirements could be satisfied.