AMC of Commercial Kitchen Equipments
For Customized Kitchen India (CKI), a commercial kitchen is all about “well-maintained working equipment” that companies “should” have. However, most often than not, food processing machinery and commercial kitchen appliances in Indian hospitality have been found to be quite unattractive due to lack of upkeep of equipment. It is vital that food establishments start claiming ownership for commercial kitchen equipment in a real sense and not leave them ill-maintained.
Therefore, for a commercial kitchen, it is pertinent to have an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with a reliable company like CKI. We, therefore, get into convenient AMCs with restaurants and hotels, and others, to ensure that their equipment downtime is a rare occurrence, and is supported by a quick turnaround in case catering equipment/industrial equipment breakdown for some reason.
In order to address the concerns of commercial kitchen equipment owners, CKI provides a deal like never before. It offers 18-month warranty on its equipment—a pioneering approach to boost profitability of equipment buyers. After that a trustworthy and competitive AMC at a nominal value ensure that equipment are safeguarded for life.
We understand how much of capital goes into setting up an operational commercial kitchen with kitchen equipment set-ups. We respect equipment. And we want our customers and followers to do exactly that.
Maintained equipment will always be a good proposition for the food establishments in future. Not only will our AMC keep your operational cost at the lower side, it would give you a higher value should you choose to sell them off to upgrade with latest models.
Your AMCs approach reflects your organization’s character and ethos toward equipment. Supreme kitchens are not only made up of commercial kitchen equipment, but they also need consistent high-quality support in terms of AMCs, for which you can rely on CKI.