CEO Speak

Let’s have some kitchen talk.

Kitchen talk? What would that be about?

Well, my kitchen talk is about my journey with Customized Kitchen India (CKI) Pvt. Ltd.

I started this company in 2013 with just two people on board—that too in a small room. But now I’m heading the first Indian commercial kitchen equipment company that offers 18-month warranty with free designing, free installation and free shipment—ajourney that I cherish a lot, and seldom one would find such a one in the food processing industry.

I have seen the industry in and out, having spent more than 10 years learning and exploring the pro-active service approaches that have now become the heart and soul of CKI’s customer engagement ethos. We might be fairly new as an entity but know what is desired in hospitality industry and food service equipment segment.

My experience helped me to start CKI, and more importantly establishing a company that values ‘time’ and ‘expectations’ of its clients, and providing them with the best quality kitchen equipment persistently. In the process, it also helped me build a fine team of experts who cater to CKI’s clients in India and abroad by integrating the industry needs with technological innovations.

CKI owes it success to its clients. I thank them immensely for trusting CKI for their commercial kitchen needs. This association has propelled CKI to remain the best in the business by providing paramount quality products and services to all its clients, at all times.

I thank my team and all clients who made my journey a beautiful one that has seen CKI etching a success story as a kitchen equipment manufacturer. I believe that this relationship will continue in future too, with a strong bond of mutual respect for each other.

So, friends please feel free to contact me, am just a phone call away. I look forward to connecting with you to add yet another chapter of success for CKI as well as your company to enhance your commercial kitchens.

Tarun Raj (CEO& Founder)


All our esteemed clients have appreciated our efforts through repeat business that we get and made us feel proud of this eminent status in the industry. Speaking of restaurant category alone, we have done twelve restaurant projects for Barbeque Nation along with their first international outlet in Dubai, two for Club Mahindra, two for Hangout, two for Barbeque Company, two for Da Pizza Palace, amongst many. Needless to say, we cherish our relationship with our clients who are satisfied and have been appreciative of our hard work.
As we extend a long 18-month warranty period, boost your profitability to begin with as a token of association with us. We are arguably the only Indian company among the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi. India that offers such a warranty option. We are always ready to help our clients at every possible step they take toward innovation through our AMC service.
Further, under our Quick-Ship-Program, we aim at 72-hour dispatch or we deliver it completely free of charge.
Free designing and free installation is what you can rely on for CKI products and services. We ensure that you get the best and reap the best of services that you deserve.
CKI is all about good relationships. We just do not sell products. We invest in relationships. Once we deliver a product, our relationship extends to its owner, as we continue to nurture and maintain the product/equipment through our incomparable after-sales service.
Please don’t hesitate to call us. It is just a step away for a mutually beneficial relationship that your business will cherish forever.


Committed to catering to commercial kitchen equipment segment and food processing machinery, CKI wishes to provide 100% attention to its customers looking for commercial kitchen appliances every time we come in contact with them — whether at our premises or theirs, or they contact us by phone, email, fax or face-to-face.
When our customers call in for the first time, we want them to feel that we have taken on board their viewpoints, their thoughts, and every aspect that they are looking for from Customized Kitchen India Pvt. Ltd. We make sure that they get the exact service (and beyond) that they had hoped for or want from us.
We, as one of the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, commercial kitchen equipment suppliers are always passionate about the products that we sell and the services we provide. It is evidently clear that we are striving to provide the right solutions based on our food processing industry experience and the thorough knowledge of the brands in food processing machinery we supply.
CKI as Kitchen equipment manufacturer for commercial kitchen appliances always maintain integrity toward its customers. When we say we will call them to keep them informed of the progress, we ensure to do so in spirit as well. Furthermore, we also set realistic goals for closing service calls or dealing with challenges in addressing the needs of a commercial kitchen to minimize stress for our customers and suppliers.
On the whole,