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Commercial Kitchen equipment - We are the Best Commercial kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, Exporter, Dealers and Suppliers in India of world class Commercial Kitchen Equipments with more than a decade of experience. Being a top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers we commited to serve like that...

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

Best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers: Customized Kitchen India Pvt. Ltd. aka CKI understands that food is no longer just a basic necessity for us all. It’s become a passionate affair for us in the commercial kitchen equipment segment and food processing machinery space. It’s become an expression of hospitality, warmth and culture of any place and community today.

Food and kitchen appliances & Cooking Equipments

Food has led to many innovations, discoveries and vagabonds to totter globe to experience the greatest pleasure of all, the source of life and better living i.e., food. And arguably the key reason for commercial kitchen equipment.

Commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers: Nowadays every aspect of food—be it its presentation, taste or nutrition value—has become imperative, especially so for the need of commercial kitchen equipments in the food processing industry.

This has dramatically changed our expectations for great cooking results, and fast and nutritive cooking—both aspects have become a challenge for good cooks who are in constant search of quality commercial kitchen equipment and services.

Manufacturer, Supplier, Dealers & designer of Commercial Kitchen Equipments

Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers - At CKI, as one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, we love talking of food as much we know what is desired to cook it perfectly, the infrastructure. We fill the gap between a good cook’s expectation and the efficient cooking process, courtesy our kitchen equipment.

You name it and we might just have served that part of the industry… be it hotels, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, food courts, food joints, takeaway kiosks—the list would be endless.

While Tarun Raj started the company in April 2013, he brought with him the much-needed experience (over 10 years in the service industry) and expertise of the young mind to address the changing demands of the commercial kitchens. He brought a new outlook, a new perspective to the whole approach of serving the commercial kitchen equipment users.

Kitchen equipment industry recognition

His sheer determination didn’t take long to establish the company into a resurgent entity in the kitchen equipment industry, and won CKI the “Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year 2016”. The prestigious recognition was given by Skilled India Entrepreneurs within three years since CKI begin its operational journey, which is seen as a commendable feat to achieve.

Thanks to CKI, kitchen professionals could rely on a complete variety of commercial cooking range, hotel kitchen equipment, restaurant kitchen equipment, food processing machinery, industrial kitchens equipment and catering equipments.

CKI’s philosophy:

In the heart of CKI’s service philosophy is people. The company aims at supreme professional manufacturing rounded with services to make CKI’s relationships with clients a cherished journey for both.

CKI ensures to address key touch points of a manufacturer/supplier/dealer and buyer relationship. One such aspect is the delivery of a consignment within 72 hours as soon as an order is placed. Such is the commitment CKI proposes to offer to its institutional customers.

Unique 18-month warranty

Top Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers: For every new project, there is pressure to keep costs low. CKI understands this point of view of its clients, who are essentially investors. Therefore, not only the company has addressed the demands of the industry by offering a 18-month warranty with free designing, free installation and free shipment of products ordered, it is complemented by an efficient maintenance, repair and deep-cleaning service (as part of AMC) to take care of catering equipment products for consistent output.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Dealers: In approaching customer service in such a way, CKI strives to emerge as the harbinger of commercial kitchen equipment solutions in future. We hope you support us by partnering with us.

So, do not hesitate to approach CKI for suggestions, comments or any other random thought about commercial kitchen equipment. We would be pleased to have a conversation with you irrespective of the fact that you buy or don’t buy kitchens equipment from us.


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